• Sandy beach
  • Recreational trails
  • Tennis court
  • Volleyball court
  • Shuffleboard
  • Outdoor swimming pool
    (private use for cottage guests only)
  • Ice skating rink


  • Swimming pool and jacuzzi
  • Squash courts
  • Games room
  • Exercise room
  • Resort fireside lounge

Also ask about the many services and programs available year-round at Bayview Wildwood Resort, right next door to The Cottages at Port Stanton.


Personalized Corporate Meeting Services

Situated on the shores of  beautiful Sparrow Lake, in the scenic village of Port Stanton, Bayview Wildwood Resort offers personalized meeting and convention services at a level you would expect from a four-season resort where warm hospitality has been a tradition for over 100 years!

One of the attractions of Bayview Wildwood Resort is that the Resort offers such a wide range of corporate meeting amenities and facilities, suitable for 5 to 200 delegates.

In all ways, Bayview Wildwood makes it easy to plan meetings and conferences designed to suit any organization. Onsite meeting planners work closely with you to plan your meeting down to the finest detail.

As an example, the Resort's inclusive meeting package allows for easy budgeting for meals, guest accommodation, and meeting room(s). Customized and tailored meeting packages are designed to make your conference an unforgettable corporate event. In addition, day meeting packages are also available.

Another attraction for meetings and conferences is the superb view; each meeting facility boasts a spectacular view of Sparrow Lake. Some spaces offer adjacent patios, perfect for outdoor barbeques or lakeside lunches. Whether an organization holds a day-long meeting, or a conference, Bayview Wildwood specializes in superb catering and comfortable accommodations.

After your meeting is finished, try hiking, canoeing, kayaking, or a boat cruise to soak up the beauty of this spectacular natural setting. With four challenging golf courses and gaming at nearby Casino Rama, your agenda will be full with business and pleasure.

Team Building

As Bayview Wildwood understands, Team Building activities are an important aspect of event planning for many corporate functions. The Resort offers a wide range of programs, from nature hikes to specialty seminars.

Some examples of the Resort's event planning to assist corporations in team building activities are described below:

The Outdoor Challenge is a team experience that challenges participants both physically and mentally with the use of the many kilometers of cross country ski and snow shoe trails. Participants need to work together to achieve ultimate success.

The Muskoka Idol Challenge, developed by the Muskoka Touring Company, works with companies to achieve a night of working together through music and song. With the use of karaoke, dance, music, costumes and props, individuals come together as a team in a fun and harmonious way.

If you have a certain team building theme in mind for your corporate function, the Bayview Wildwood event planning team can help you achieve your unique group goals.

New programs for group planning
Two new programs have been added to Bayview Wildwood's group planning. Two better health workshops, ideal for improving a group or company's well being are now offered.

The Health & Wellness Workshop: At the start of this program all participants take a nutritional assessment during which each person is individually assessed and counseled. Various options and suggestions are given as to supplements ie: vitamins, minerals, etc. that can be added to the diet, as well as foods or eating habits that may need to be changed, stopped or adapted. These will depend on age, weight, activity levels etc. These areas will be further broken down into individual calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate needs. Other topics which are covered include dealing with various health issues such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. Canada's food guide is discussed as well as muscle and energy testing.

This workshop provides a bundle of information that delegates will be able to use in everyday life that will help them to feel more energized, more alert and ready to take on the challenges of each day, a potential boost to your company's productivity.

Stress Relief Workshop: In this workshop ways to manage pain, experience progressive relaxation and meditation are explored. There are a wide variety of techniques to help reduce and even rid oneself of muscle tension and stress. The basics of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Quantum Touch, Energy Healing, Massage and even exercise to help reduce your stress levels are taught.

This workshop is beneficial for people new to these areas, as well as those who have already chosen to explore these avenues of reducing stress. Extremely informative, with great hands on experience, this session will leave participants feeling better and healthier, and armed with the knowledge to fend off the effects of stress in their everyday life.

Innovation is a great business need - Bayview Wildwood Resort's continuous innovation in corporate meetings is to be applauded.

Reprinted with permission of Within 2 Hours Magazine, as it appeared in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue.

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